Attending the event were Major General Phung Ngoc Son, Commander of the Engineer Corps, and General Khwann Seam, Deputy Commander-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

During the talk, the two sides informed each other of the development  of the military engineering force and applauded good achievements of each country over the past time, and emphasized that the training of human resources for the military engineering force to meet the task requirements in the current context has been continuously implemented and developed. There are currently 54 Cambodian officers  studying at the Vietnamese Engineering Officers Training School, of whom 19 have just graduated.

At the signing ceremony of the the twinning deal

Regarding the directions for bilateral cooperation in the coming time, both sides agreed to strengthen dissemination of information about the traditional good friendship between the two countries, and two militaries among their troops; give recommendations to the two Ministries of National Defense's leaders to maintain and promote cooperation in human resource training; direct two schools to actively implement cooperation activities, exchange their experience in joining UN peacekeeping operations, overcoming consequences of war-left bombs and mines, and conducting search and rescue.

Over the past years, the cooperation between the two countries' engineer corps has been constantly strengthened and developed. The training of personnel for the military engineering force has met the task requirements in the current context and in the period of international integration. In the 2018-2019 period, the number of Cambodian officers and students studying at Vietnamese Military Officers Schools had no change. All Cambodian instructors and officers sent to Vietnam have made efforts to overcome language barriers to successfully complete their courses with good results.

On the occasion, the Vietnamese Engineering Officers Training School and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia also signed a twinning deal. In order to effectively implement the deal, General Son stressed that Vietnam's Engineer Corps will annually renew cooperation plans based on the Protocol and Plan on defense cooperation, propose approaches  to practically implementing the agreed cooperation contents while regularly holding exchanges and supporting the Cambodian side. The Vietnamese unit will also overcome difficulties to effectively carry out agreed cooperation contents.

Speaking at the event, General Khwann Seam thanked the host for the warm reception. He also highly appreciated the training models and learning facilities presented by the Vietnamese Engineering Officers Training School to the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, saying that they would effectively support its education and training.

He stressed that the two countries' military engineering forces should further strengthen their solidarity, and cooperate with each other to fight  hostile forces’ plots. The Cambodian general also thanked the Vietnam People's Army and the Vietnamese Engineer Corps for their support, especially in training its personnel.

Translated by Lam Anh