Present at the event on the Vietnamese side were leaders of the Department of Military Medicine under the Vietnamese General Department of Logistics, Military Medical Academy, Department of Foreign Relations, Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center, and medical experts. From the South African side were experts from the South African Military Health Service.

At the meeting

Addressing the event, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Giang, Deputy Director of the Department of Military Medicine hailed the efforts of South Africa in the fight against COVID-19, especially the great efforts of its medical forces.

So far, Vietnam has reported no community transmission of COVID-19 pandemic for over 40 days. Nevertheless, the country still stays on high alert and is ready in any circumstances amid the complicated development of COVID-19 in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to promote research and exchanges in pandemic prevention and control work, underlined Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Giang.

At the meeting, medical experts of the two countries shared information and experience in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, including organizing forces; testing methods and procedures; tracing and quarantining patients; minimizing cross-transmission risks, among others.

For its part, South Africa also appreciated Vietnam’s considerable success in controlling COVID-19 pandemic.

The event aimed to strengthen international cooperation in COVID-19 prevention and control work on the basis of cooperation agreements between the Vietnamese and South African Ministries of Defense and Military Veterans, contributing to consolidating solidarity between the two countries in general, and bilateral defense cooperation in particular.

Translated by Minh Anh