At the closing ceremony

Speaking at the event, Major General Nguyen Van Hanh, Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court and Chief Justice of the Central Military Court said all the trainees of the month-long course achieved good results, and reached all the course’s set targets. The Lao military court cadres were introduced to and exchanged many important contents on the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and practical knowledge, skills and experiences on military court.

General Hanh highly praised the Lao military court cadres for their efforts in studying, researching, actively exchanging with teachers during lessons and field trips, and completing well their examinations and training programs.

The Vietnamese General hoped that the Lao trainees would continue studying and applying what they had learnt in the course in their daily work so as to accomplish all their assigned tasks, contributing positively to the development of Laos' system of military courts and Lao judiciary in the future.

Translated by Lam Anh