Russian experts are helping Vietnamese officers adjust the rifle

According to Colonel Le Manh Huong, head of the team, having tested negative for SARS-CoV-2, the team has started getting used to the training grounds and practicing for shooting and dog biathlon events. Thanks to the active support of Russian experts, the Vietnamese officers gradually got used to competition-used weapons, including new ones.

Apart from that, the Service Dog Team of the Vietnam People’s Army also learnt valuable lessons from their Russian and Uzbekistani peers. While Russian officers shared their techniques of tracing intruders, members of the Uzbekistani team helped Vietnamese troops improve their skills in repulsing an attack and in dog biathlon. The enthusiasm, determination, and seriousness of the Vietnamese team in preparing for the games impressed other participating teams.


Ekaterina Sergeevna Puchinhiga sharing experiences with Vietnamese Service Dog Team

Ekaterina Sergeevna Puchinhiga, a member of the organizing panel, said that in the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the host country highly appreciates the participation of foreign teams. She emphasized that the first-ever participation of the Service Dog Team of the Vietnam People’s Army helps strengthen the traditional friendship between Vietnam and Russia.

During the Army Games 2020, the Service Dog Team will compete in five events, namely 3,200m individual race with two shooting ranges, 300m obstacle course with service dogs, protection work, marksmanship, and 1,600m relay race with one shooting range.

Similar to the Service Dog Team, this is the first time for members of the Signal Team to participate in the Army Games. This competition is really a challenge for the team’s members as they lack experience in joining such a big international event with the use of new kinds of equipment. However, a warm welcome and timely assistance from the host country has made Vietnamese competitors more confident prior to the competition.

Vietnamese Signal Team preparing for the militarized relay 

Senior Colonel Tran Ba Khuong, Head of the Signal Team, said that he was surprised and touched by the hospitality and consideration of their Russian friends. Upon their arrival at Sheremetyevo International Airport, the team was warmly welcomed by senior officers and representatives of the Russian Armed Forces and provided with comfortable accommodations. The host country also introduced official regulations of the Army Games 2020 to the Vietnamese team and promised to assign its officers to help Vietnamese troops prepare for the games.

As regulated, the Vietnamese team will have to use Russian during their competition, and participating personnel must use Cyrillic and Arab script instead of their familiar Latin letters. Being aware of their weaknesses in foreign languages, Vietnamese signalmen spent a lot of time learning Russian, so as to achieve the highest results in competing stages, including the most challenging parts in the games – reception and transmission of radiograms.

Colonel Khuong further said the team also paid special attention to practicing the militarized relay stage, which requires skills, meticulosity, accuracy, and speed.

Troops practicing reception and transmission of radiograms

As planned, on August 18 the team will move to Belarus to attend the opening ceremony in Brest city before going to Minsk city for competitions. This year, the Vietnamese signalmen will compete in accurate riflemen, consistent reception, consistent transmission, militarized relay, and radio-orienteering at night.

Reported by reporters from the People’s Army Newspaper

Translated by Tran Hoai