Reportedly, over the past time, the two units have closely worked together in managing and protecting border areas, contributing to ensuring political security, social order, and safety.

Nam Can International Border Gate presenting necessities and medical supplies to Border Guard Company 221 of the Xiangkhouang provincial Military Command, Laos

Meanwhile, they also coordinated in COVID-19 prevention and control. Many cases of illegal border crossings have been detected thanks to the sound cooperation between the two sides.

On this occasion, the Nam Can International Border Gate handed over necessities and medical supplies to the Lao side, including a solar energy system, 200kg of rice, 50 boxes of instant noodles, five boxes of cooking oil, fish sauce, soup powder, 50 sets of protective clothing, medical gloves, 20 boxes of medical masks, and two thermometers. The gifts have a total worth of VND 40 million.

Translated by Chung Anh