The ITLS training course, running from June 17 to 24, includes participants from the Level-two Field Hospital (L2FH) Rotation 6, Level-one Field Hospital under the Engineering Company Rotation 3, and staff from the MMU and Military Hospital 103.

Delegates attending the opening ceremony of the training course

During the course, the trainees will receive both theoretical and practical training from instructors of the ITLS Training Center under Military Hospital 175. This training aims to equip them with essential knowledge and experience in medical examination and treatment at field hospitals. Additionally, the course provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals to enhance their expertise.

ITLS is a mandatory training component for staff of the L2FH Rotation 6 and Level-one Field Hospital under the Engineering Company Rotation 3 before they embark on their tasks at U.N. peacekeeping missions. Moreover, this ITLS training course aims to develop internationally certified ITLS instructors, initiating the establishment of a second ITLS Training Center in Vietnam at Military Hospital 103 under the MMU.

Colonel Bui Duc Thanh, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 175 and Director of the ITLS Training Center, held that the ITLS Training Center of Military Hospital 175, inaugurated on April 16, 2024, is the first of its kind in Vietnam and the only ITLS center in Southeast Asia managed by a military medical establishment. This course is the first conducted by the center since its establishment, marking a pro-active step in training and certifying ITLS instructors as required by the United Nations for Vietnamese medical personnel participating in U.N. peacekeeping operations. It also represents the initial phase of transferring expertise to support the establishment of a second ITLS center in Vietnam at Military Hospital 103.

Major General Tran Viet Tien, Deputy Director of the MMU, speaking at the opening ceremony

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Maj. Gen. Tran Viet Tien emphasized the need for trainees to adhere strictly to the course regulations and instructions from the instructors, actively participate in training, and ensure safety throughout the training process.

Translated by Song Anh