At the reception

At the reception, Major General Nguyen Anh Tuan congratulated the success of the meeting between the senior delegations of the Lao and Vietnamese Supreme People’s Procuracy and the 7th conference of the People’s Procuracies of provinces sharing the Vietnam-Laos borderline. General Tuan also sent his congratulations to the Lao Supreme People’s Procuracy and Major General Sivay Mayphone on receiving the First-class and Second-class Independence Orders, respectively.

General Tuan affirmed that the orders showed the recognition of Vietnam and Laos’ parties and states for the great contribution of the two countries’ Supreme People’s Procuracies and individuals in strengthening Vietnam - Laos great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation over the past time.

Also, he hoped that in the coming time, the two countries’ court and military procuracy sectors would promote cooperation in combating different types of crimes, particularly border crimes.

The two sides exchange souvenirs at the event

For the Lao part, Major General Sivay Mayphone informed the Vietnamese side of his delegation’s activities in Vietnam and the outcomes of the delegation’s working sessions with Vietnam’s Central Military Procuracy and Central Military Court.

The Lao guest underlined that during the working sessions, the Lao delegation acquired precious experience in organization and leadership work to apply to the real work in Laos.

Meanwhile, he expressed his hope that the Lao High Military Procuracy’s agencies would have opportunities to exchange, and share experience with the Military Procuracy of the Vietnam Border Guard Command, contributing to fostering the cooperation between the two countries’ procuracy sectors in particular, and the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries’ parties, states and peoples in general.

At the working session

On the same day, Major General Sivay Mayphone and Lieutenant General Ta Quang Khai, Head of Vietnam’s Central Military Procuracy, jointly chaired the working session between the Lao High Military Procuracy and the Vietnam Border Guard Command’s Military Procuracy.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Song Anh