At the signing ceremony (Photo: baoyenbai.com.vn)

At the talks, the two sides informed each other of the socio-economic, cultural, security, and defense situations of the two provinces and the operations of their armed forces.

Regarding the outcomes of their coordination in 2019, the two sides emphasized the effective implementation of the coordination regulations and of the contents of the inked memorandum of understanding. They agreed that their cooperation and operations abided by the two Parties’ and States’ policies, guidelines, and laws and the regulations of the military external affairs and were directed by the two commands’ Party Committees, high levels’ chains-of-command, and the two provinces’ leaderships.

Their coordination actively contributed to the two countries’ solidarity, special friendship, and mutual understanding and trust.

Also at the talks, the two commands reached agreements on the cooperation’s contents and delegation exchange for 2020.

At the end of the talks, they signed a memorandum of understanding on their coordination in 2020.

Translated by Song Anh