Director for Defense Cooperation in the Indo - Pacific Region at Japan’s Ministry of Defense Matsuzawa Tomoko, who is also the co-chair of the PKO-EWG, thanked the Vietnamese side for the warm welcome for the Japanese delegation as well as other international delegations.

The CEPPP is an activity under the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting Plus (ADMM+) Experts’ Working Group on Peacekeeping Operations (PKO-EWG) Cycle 4, which is taking place on September 13-21.

Japan hails Vietnam’s performance in hosting CEPPP 

Matsuzawa Tomoko said that Vietnam and Japan have worked together for three years to achieve targets of the current cycle. Thanks to the active cooperation from Vietnam and member countries, the two sides have successfully organized many important activities, noted the Japanese official, expressing her gratitude to consultations and support from U.N. experts and assistance from member countries.

Highlighting the overall purpose of the CEPPP in fostering the partnership among member countries during performing mission within the framework of the U.N. peacekeeping operations at the tactical level, the official said that Japan and Vietnam have focused on ensuring the practicality of the activities and the integration of viewpoints regarding gender equality.

Matsuzawa Tomoko underlined the achievements that the two sides have gained in promoting the role of women in peace and security, which is one of the major targets of the current cycle.

She noted that Japan has formed a platform for women in peace and security and conducted a series of conferences in the field by inviting prestigious experts from U.N. peacekeeping missions and U.N. headquarters. For the CEPPP, Vietnam and Japan have included practical circumstances and factors regarding the role of women in the activities to prepare for participants to perform their missions.

Expressing her confidence in the engagement and contribution of Vietnam, Matsuzawa Tomoko said she believes that the program will complete all of its targets, contributing to strengthening the collaboration among all ADMM+ member states.

She also called for all ADMM+ members to work together to achieve all CEPPP goals.

Drawing nearly 300 experts, trainees and observers from ADMM+ member countries, the CEPPP is the last activity of the PKO-EWG Cycle 4 within the framework of the ADMM+.

The co-hosting of the CEPPP has shown Vietnam’s role and responsibility in multilateral and bilateral cooperation mechanisms in the field of U.N. peacekeeping operations within the ADMM+ framework. Through the activity, Vietnam hopes to make contribution to the enhancing of efficiency of U.N. peacekeeping operations by ADMM+ member states.

Source: VNA