The conference attracts the participation more than 1,000 delegates from 111 countries and international organizations. A high-ranking military delegation of Vietnam led by Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Defense Minister, Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang attended the event.

Russian Defense Minister, General Sergei Shoigu opens the conference.

At the opening ceremony, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev read the welcoming letter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the letter, the Russian President affirmed that the MCIS is one of the top prestigious security forums in the world and MCIS-8 has attracted a large number of high-ranking military leaders of countries and leading security experts to discuss most immediate and pressing challenges facing the international community currently.

The Russian President believed that the conference would be held in a constructive atmosphere, making considerable contributions to combating terrorism and extremism, solving conflicts and maintaining global security and peace.

Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang at the conference

Russian Defense Minister, General Sergei Shoigu then opened the eighth edition of the MCIS, which lasts for two days, April 24 and 25.

MCIS-8 focuses on contemporary global and regional security challenges and threats, changes in terrorist threats and new approaches to the problems, military cooperation, as well as regional issues of the Asian, African and Latin American civilizations. The conference is broken into four plenary sessions.

Delegates at the first plenary session

The first plenary session looks into the regional and global factors affecting the contemporary world security. The second one discusses the consequences of the collapse of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. The third session takes the title of International peacekeeping: New approaches and military cooperation. The last one gives participants a chance to discuss regional aspects of the civilizations of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Apart from the above contents, MCIS-8 also features four special sessions, titled “Color revolutions: Common and specific features,” “Anti-missile defense and deployment of weapons in the space,” “North Africa: Terrorism and illegal migration,” and “Recovery and development in Syria and Iraq and the return of refugees.”

The Vietnamese delegation attends all sessions of the conference.

Translated by Huu Duong