Major General Le Ngoc Hai, Commander of Military Region 5, chaired the event.

Major General Le Ngoc Hai addressing the event

During the conference, Senior Colonel Vo Van Ba, MR5 Deputy Commander, briefed delegates on the draft plan and coordination between the participating forces.  Representatives of relevant agencies and units discussed activities to ensure security and safety for the upcoming border defense friendship exchange.

Speaking at the event, Major General Le Ngoc Hai underlined the role and the significance of the first Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia border defense friendship exchange 2023 in accelerating cooperation among the three militaries, as well as the border protection forces, local authorities and people in the shared borderline areas, stressing the assurance of security and safety for the event.

An overview of the conference

The MR5 commander required agencies and units to closely coordinate with each other to make thorough preparations for the exchange while giving recommendations to higher levels and completing all assignments.

Also, he asked the agencies and units to promote education activities for troops to raise their awareness of the significance of the exchange. 

Military commands of provinces and affiliated agencies and units of MR5 should strictly observe combat readiness regulations; enhance forces and vehicles to conduct patrols and control people and vehicles entering and exiting areas where the exchange takes place; closely work with the local police, border guard and functional forces to ensure political security, social order and absolute safety for the participating forces and locations where the event occurs.

Translated by Quynh Oanh