Binh Phuoc was the first locality in Vietnam completing the land border demarcation and marker planting program in 2012. It has recently finished the construction of 173 border sub-markers.

According to Major Pham Van Chinh, Chief of the Binh Phuoc provincial Border Guard Command’s working team for land border demarcation and marker planting, held that they finished the project as scheduled. Meanwhile, the Cambodian side has done 147/180 border sub-markers due to harsh weather conditions. It takes them only two days for planting a maker in dry season, but at least one week in rain season.

The completion of the planting of border markers comes from the provincial Border Guard Command’s prompt suggestions to the local authorities and their good relationship with Cambodian counterparts.

At a singing ceremony for cooperation between the Binh Phuoc provincial Border Guard Command and the Police Department of Karatie province of Cambodia

The success in completing the marker planting project has resulted from the efforts of the local authority and provincial border command to boost external affairs activities with their Cambodian counterparts, affirmed Senior Colonel Bui Minh Soai, Commander of the Binh Phuoc Border Guard Command.

Over the past time, troops of the Binh Phuoc provincial Border Guard Command have given good instructions to its affiliated border posts in coordination with Cambodian counterparts to popularize laws and mobilize peoples living on both sides of the shared border to implement the signed bilateral treaties and agreements on boundary delimitation and territory.

The command has been the first unit establishing its twinning relations with Cambodian border checkpoints. It has also provided support for localities of the two sides in boosting their cooperation relations, contributing to combating crimes, maintaining social order, and promoting socio-economic development along the shared border.

Annually, the Binh Phuoc border guard force sponsors nine disadvantaged Cambodian students, and organizes a number of practical programs, such as providing free health check-ups and gifts for Cambodian or presenting construction materials to Cambodian border posts to upgrade their facilities.

These activities have contributed to cementing solidarity and friendship between the Binh Phuoc provincial Border Guard Command and Cambodian people and border guard force.

Translated by Van Hieu