The conference saw the attendance of Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Air Staff Chief of the Indian Air Force Marshal Bhadauria, and other representatives of regional countries.

Major General Pham Truong Son, Deputy Chief of Vietnam’s Air Defense and Air Force

A Vietnamese delegation, led by Major General Pham Truong Son, Deputy Chief of Vietnam’s Air Defense and Air Force, attended the conference in Hanoi.

The three-day conference consisted of three discussion sessions, namely Breakthrough Technologies and Innovation, Airpower in the Indo-Pacific Region, and Power of Airspace and Aerospace.

Speaking at the conference, the Indian Minister confirmed that the air force plays a core role in the current context, especially for many countries that have faced threats from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

While participating in the conference, the attendants can learn more about aerospace technologies, as well as exchange experiences to consolidate and strengthen their airpowers.

He added that other countries’ air forces should proactively promote cooperation and share experiences to effectively adapt to external impacts, contributing to reinforcing friendly relations and cooperation between the regional air forces, boosting the inner airpower of each country, and ensuring an environment of peace, stability, and development.

Moreover, he also underlined that India is a reliable partner and willing to cooperate with developed countries in the Indo-Pacific region, especially to further foster cooperation in security and defense and share COVID-19 prevention and control experiences.

Translated by Quynh Oanh