The step is an important milestone in the context that Viettel Group is officially kicking off its fourth development stage, the global and 4.0 development phase. At the event, SJSC announced its four strategic priorities in the 2018-2020 period. SJSC Chief Executive Officer, Colonel Duong Quoc Chinh confirmed, “By 2025, the corporation will have become the number one infrastructure investment business in Vietnam. To achieve that goal, the corporation is well aware of the need to apply IT breakthrough solutions and improve the quality of human resources.”

At the event

Addressing the event, Major General Le Dang Dung, Acting Chairman and Director General of Viettel Group, said, “SJSC should continue improving its core capabilities, which are telecoms infrastructure construction and operation. The corporation should build a clear-cut road-map to expand these two core capabilities to areas beyond Viettel internal services and Vietnam... SJSC is capable of expanding its operation to other areas such as energy, transport, agriculture, etc.”

Established in 1995, SJSC is tasked with building telecommunications infrastructure and has so far erected more than 5,000 transmitting stations and built 320,000km of optical cable (or nearly eight times of the earth’s equator), covering 100% of all districts and communes nationwide. The corporation is also taking the lead in building telecommunications infrastructure in nine countries in Asia, Africa and America. From a firm specializing simply in telecommunications infrastructure construction, SJSC has developed into a telecommunications service provider, employing nearly 10,000 workers.

In October 2017, SJSC became the first Viettel affiliate to be listed on Upcom under the name CTR. So far, the equity capital of SJSC has reached VND 744 billion (nearly USD 32 million) and the charter capital of VND 471 billion (more than USD 20 million). The revenue of the corporation, standing at VND 8.5 billion (around USD 365,500) in 2001, is estimated to reach VND 4,168 billion (nearly USD 180 million) in 2018, increasing by 490 times. The corporation now ranks third among listed construction businesses in terms of the profit/revenue rate.

SJSC has set the target by 2020 to provide services for about four or six countries, offer infrastructure for lease (including 5,000 transmitting stations, optical cable, etc.) and implement the IoT infrastructure for ministries, sectors and telecoms giants in Vietnam. The corporation is eyeing the revenue of more than VND 6,000 billion (nearly USD 260 million) by 2020, or growing at the annual rate of 22%, with profits of VND 231 billion (nearly USD 10 million).

Translated by Huu Duong