This year, VHT, an affiliate of the Military Industry-Telecoms Group (Viettel), has strictly embraced and implemented higher levels’ directives and resolutions. It has effectively carried out business and production tasks, oriented its personnel’s thought and actions, successfully built a typically strong and healthy Party committee, and a comprehensively-strong unit.

The delegation touring the unit

Attentively, the company has owned a contingent of competent personnel reasonably arranged, and its public organizations have operated in an effective and practical manner. The company has also conducted training and promoted high sense of combat readiness posture.

In addition, VHT has focused on digitization and innovated its training methods to improve training quality. In the year, it has opened 24 training courses to improve expertise on programming languages/software development, information processing, virtual reality, cloud computing, and digital electronic circuits. It has also organized nine international standard-met training programs and its personnel have received certificates from a number of international organizations.

The company itself has well performed scientific and technological duties, always updated information about technology development trends as well as technology development and tests in the world in order to make comments and strategic directions to develop its business.

Other tasks such as force regularity building, disciplinary observance, guarantee of logistic and financial services, implementation of plans and investment projects have been achieved by the company as well.

In his concluding speech, General Nghia applauded the company for its task performance and its building of a contingent of high-quality personnel.

General Nghia speaks at the meeting.

The deputy chief of the General Staff urged the company to continue to foster its personnel, speed up political education for its cadres, employees to raise their political stance, stabilize their thought, and help them feel secure in their work. The company should also issue proper policies to attract and keep high-quality human resources, contributing to assignment fulfillment.

Translated by Mai Huong