This is considered a breakthrough in the digital transformation process of the health sector as it moves towards the national goal of "For a healthier Vietnam."

The telehealth system has been developed by Viettel for nearly 2 months.

The remote medical examination and treatment platform has been developed by Viettel for nearly 2 months. It has been assessed as equivalent to those of developed countries.

Over the past ten years, Viettel has partnered with the MoH to contribute technological solutions to building a smart medical ecosystem. Up to now, Viettel and the MoH have completed nearly 20 systems to help people proactively prevent diseases, monitor and improve their health.

The outstanding systems include the National Vaccination Information Management System (VIMS), the National Pharmacy Network, and the National Pharmacy Database Management System.

Viettel will contribute to building an online registration system for medical examinations to continue perfecting the treatment ecosystem.

In addition, Viettel will also continue to expand its ecosystem of Telehealth solutions, and apply new technologies such as 3D technology in laparoscopic surgery; artificial intelligence (AI) technology in diagnosis; virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) in anatomical simulation and surgery; and Blockchain technology in medical record validation.

According to Acting Chairman and General Director of Viettel Major General Le Dang Dung, Viettel is committed to cooperating with the health sector to build a healthcare system based on digital technologies.

Earlier, Viettel provided great support for the MoH in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, including developing the Vietnam Health Declaration App., creating the hotline 19009095 of the MoH, building a system of "electronic medical declarations," and deploying 23 connection points connecting to hospitals for disease prevention.

Translated by Lam Anh