The event is being organized from November 6 to 8 by the Foreign Trade University (FTU) in collaboration with the Academy of Human Resource Development and Viettel Academy for the first time in Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, FTU President Bui Anh Tuan said the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digitization changed the way the Government, organizations and businesses in Vietnam work with human resource development.

“One of the big challenges for Vietnam’s development in the coming years is the issue of increasing labor productivity,” said Director of the Ministry of Education and Training’s Higher Education Department Nguyen Thi Kim Phung at the event.

Delegates at the event

Phung said that there was still big gap in labor productivity between Vietnam and other ASEAN countries due to slow process of labor restructuring science, levels of the country’s science and technology, reform and innovation are low, or limits exist in human resource management and quality.

Priorities are also given to train teachers and improve capacity of lecturers and managers of higher education institutions to meet the requirements of fundamental innovation, to increase investment and attract new resources for higher education development and create a mechanism to strengthen internationalization of higher education for integration and development following international standards.

With the theme “Human Resource Development: Innovation and Evolution in the Digital Era,” for first time the conference focuses on traditional issues in human resource development connected to innovation in the context of digitization.

During the event, participants will focus discussions on many topics related to human resource development (HRD), including HRD and sustainable development, leadership development, corporate social responsibility and ethics in HRD, and emerging issues and innovations in HRD.

Participants said that human resource development at both national and firm levels was of urgent need in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as it determines productivity, competitiveness, and ultimately sustainable development of nations and businesses.

Translated by Song Anh