This is the second time Viettel has attended this global event. The products introduced by the group are telecommunication-based IT solutions, which have been successfully applied in Vietnam and international markets.

Viettel has been implementing 4G technology in 5 out of 11 countries it operates in Asia, Africa, and America to facilitate development of smart applications for its customers. After ten years investing in foreign markets, Viettel now has over 100 million customers worldwide, ranking in Top 30 telecommunications companies with a highest number of customers in the world.

Viettel was officially authorized to operate in Myanmar, its 11th foreign market, in January 2017.

Viettel’s products and services showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2017 are as follows:

Health Ecosystem: Viettel’s health products system is like an ecological tree whose roots consist of common IT applications  such as Cloud and SMS. Its branches are products for citizens, doctors, nurses, and managers. Meanwhile, its leaves are specialized apps for tests, consultation, and hospital fee payment.

National Single Solution: The system helps link businesses with Vietnamese ministries and branches to facilitate the issuance of permits or receipts relating to customs papers in order to control custom clearance of import, export, or transit goods, vehicles, and people.

DMS.One: A solution for online sales that supports management and operation of all sales activities, from producers to distributors and retailers, and from sales monitoring to sales people in markets.

Network Security Solution: VT Mobile Security and Telecom Anomaly Detector (TAD) help providers deal with telecommunications charge frauds and service loss. It also protects privacy of mobile subscribers, including feature phones, or prevents them from being attacked by malwares.

V-Wallet: This solution functions like a traditional but electronic wallet that enables users to store electronic banking accounts, transferring, withdrawing, and depositing money, or depositing payments without using cash.

Mocha: This free SMS app consists of all messaging features while being integrated telecommunication accessories, creating added values for users and bringing benefits for telecommunications companies.

Hereinafter are some of Viettel’s activities at the MWC 2017.

Viettel showcasing many comprehensive solutions at the event 
International customers paying attention to Viettel’s products 
Viettel presenting non la, traditional palm-leaf conical hats, to visitors 

Translated by Ngoc Hung