Viettel is responsible for developing, designing and implementing the construction of the hospital's IT infrastructure with the goal of “no contact - no paper - no film.” It includes 400 cameras, 200 wi-fi hotspots, 18 Tele-ICUs, two Telehealth consultations, and 90 computers, printers, and barcode scanners.

Viettel installs the IT and computer systems at the COVID-19 field hospital.

Remote monitoring and consultation devices for intensive care patients (Tele-ICU) are located in 18 treatment areas for severe COVID-19 patients without contact. The devices are directly connected to the Hospital Management System and it updates the doctors in the diagnostic area with medical data and images of patients in the treatment area. Meanwhile, 400 cameras help the medical staff safely monitor the activities and conditions of patients at 500 hospital beds.

The hospital is also linked to the Telehealth Consulting and Support System (Telehealth) run by Viettel nationwide. Through this system, severe COVID-19 patients will be treated promptly by higher-level hospital doctors without having to be transferred.

Over 100 Viettel staff spent 22 days implementing the project. The Viettel-designed infrastructure makes the hospital the most modern COVID-19 treatment facility in the country.

“Viettel will do its utmost and make full use of the latest technologies and digital transformation achievements to support the government, health sector and people to win the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Viettel's Acting Chairman and General Director, Le Dang Dung.

Translated by Song Anh