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With more than 2.2 billion shares listed, Viettel Global is valued at nearly USD 1.5 billion.

VGI is the first share of a mobile and telecommunication services provider with the most overseas markets.

The company has been investing in ten international markets, namely Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Myanmar, Burundi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Cameroon, East Timor and Peru.

In his speech at the listing ceremony, the company’s General Director Do Manh Hung said that the company will undertake more changes in its overseas operation with a focus on providing more telecoms services of new generation, plus information technology and finance.

Bitel, a Viettel's brandname in Peru

Established in late 2007, with the charter capital of VND 960 billion, Viettel Global, an affiliate of the Military Industry-Telecoms Group Viettel, has been tasked with overseas investment. By the end of last year, the company had nearly 40 million international subscribers. The number of Viettel Global’s customers in 2017 has increased by 13 percent compared to 2016 and over four times higher than the world’s average (approximately 3 percent).

Last year, Viettel Global recorded VND 19 trillion of turnover, an increase of 24 percent compared to previous year.

This year, Viettel Global targets to earn profits in its newest market, Myanmar, although inaugurated on June 9 this year, while reaching an increase of 15 percent in the number of subscribers.

Viettel Global’s goal by 2020 is to expand its overseas markets with the total population of 400 to 500 million, and become one of the world's top 10 biggest telecoms companies.

Translated by Mai Huong