Viettel's engineer checking 5G station (Photo for illustration)

In the context that countries in the world are shutting down their 2G and 3G networks (as of September, 2022, 36 out of 204 countries have shut down their 2G, 31 out of 204 countries switched off their 3G networks), providing VoLTE and 5G roaming services is very necessary for customers. It will ensure smooth communication for customers when they travel abroad, especially in countries that only use 4G and 5G networks.

After the trial period, Viettel has decided to provide VoLTE and 5G roaming services to help customers communicate smoothly through voice when going abroad.

With the launch of the service, Viettel's customers are now able to use 5G services in nearly 20 countries, including China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Canada, the U.S., and VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) in four countries, namely the U.S., the Republic of Korea, Myanmar, and Cambodia. At the same time, the military business is also trying to make VoLTE and 5G roaming services available in more countries in the soonest time.

To use VoLTE and 5G, customers only need to use a phone that offers VoLTE and 5G support and uses a physical 4G sim or eSim, register for the service, and turn on the feature on the phone.

On November 30, 2020, Viettel also officially tested its 5G service in Hanoi, making Vietnam one of the first countries in the world to offer this service at that time.

Translated by Tran Hoai