In this expo, Viettel has two booths: One introducing a total of 60 military products (six in the outdoor display and 54 in the indoor display) and the other showcasing 16 product groups in the civil field, including digital transformation products that support such fields as digital health, digital home, digital education, digital finance, logistics, digital businesses, digital government, digital transportation, and high-tech industrial research products. The second booth is placed at the common display area of the Economic Department under the Ministry of National Defense.

Thermal vision reconnaissance device with non-cooled thermal imaging technology and long battery life is designed to be used in all weather conditions in Vietnam. (Photo credit by Viettel’s affiliate)

These are important products which have received high investment from Viettel and commercialized domestically and internationally. They have become a good source of revenue for Viettel, and also demonstrated the group’s creativeness and production capacity in the high-tech area.

Participating in the expo, alongside introducing its capability in research and production, and grasp of the world's development trends, Viettel will promote on-site marketing, seek cooperation opportunities, find potential customers and hope to have commercial contracts after that. Such prestigious international exhibitions will help Viettel Group to realize its export revenue goal on the total high-tech industry turnover of over 50%.

The group has constantly improved and developed its military and civilian products under the motto of providing customers the best ones. Up to date, it has provided the Ministry of National Defense with more than 50 types of products and hundreds of  thousands of products with the improvement cycle ranging from 6 months to a year depending on each product. Attentively, Viettel has been granted with patents for 66 inventions, solutions at home and 12 in the U.S. and two Ho Chi Minh Awards in Science and Technology.

Since 2013, Viettel has provided more than 2,000 sets of backup supplies for its manufactured-products. All products researched and fully mastered by Viettel in terms of technology and production have helped facilitate the technical assurance in a quick, convenient, and active manner.

Taking responsibility for the modern defense industry, Viettel has continuously expanded research and mastery, produced materiel, contributing to the military modernization. It will further research and produce smarter, more accurate and more reliable weapons according to the C5ISR model which has been applied in many countries with advanced military science. The group’s products have been defined as the key to contribute to national defense and security development according to the 13th National Party Congress and the 11th Congress of the Military Party Organization.

Viettel's military equipment has brought practical effects, highly appreciated by units for its quality, techno-tactical features, suitability for climatic conditions, training and combat requirements of the military. Furthermore, it ensures security, pro-activeness in production, technical support, warranty and maintenance, with competitive price compared to similar foreign products, thus saving thousands of billions of Vietnamese dong for the budget. Targeting to be the core in the defense industry, Viettel is determined to conquer the most modern military technology.

In terms of electronics and telecommunications industry, Viettel wishes to master the infrastructure equipment of the 5G network and deploy it in a large scale and then export it. The group has perfected and applied 5G chipset products to 5G infrastructure equipment.

In addition, Viettel has built an IoT platform and put into operation an IoT ecosystem of Vietnamese people, ensuring information safety and security for the people and the country. It has kept developing devices in the IoT product ecosystem for households, healthcare, education, transportation, smart factories. It has also researched green energy technologies focusing on energy storage technology and energy use management technology to ensure savings, efficiency, and minimize emissions into the environment.

Notably, Viettel-mastered core technologies applied in the military field can be used for civilian purpose, helping to reduce costs, increase the technology of products, create dual-use solutions that both contribute to promoting national defense potential and developing the country's economy.

Translated by Mai Huong