The trade union's emulation movements are always aligned with the unit's political tasks and are associated with the “Determined-to-win” emulation movement campaign. This campaign aims to encourage officials, trade union members, and workers to foster creativity and acquire expertise in science and technology.

Leader of the Viettel Manufacturing Corporation (third from left) receives flag for its outstanding achievements in the "Green-Clean-Beautiful, Ensuring Labor Hygiene and Safety" movement in 2022.

Several emulation movements, actively involving the trade union, have been implemented, such as "Good Labor, Creative Labor," "Green-Clean-Beautiful, Ensuring Labor Hygiene and Safety," and "Labor Safety, Traffic Safety, No Violation of Discipline." These movements have resulted in numerous practical solutions, initiatives, and ideas generated by trade union members and workers. In 2022 alone, the company approved and implemented 74 out of 120 initiatives proposed by trade union members, leading to an estimated economic benefit of VND 850 million.

Particularly, in response to the "One Million Initiatives to Overcome Difficulties, Be Creative, and Determined to Win the COVID-19 Pandemic" emulation movement initiated by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the trade union of Viettel Manufacturing Corporation contributed 18 highly regarded initiatives and ideas that have found practical applications in production.

The trade union also regularly attends to the material and spiritual well-being of workers. Numerous meaningful activities have been organized, including visits to trade union members and workers facing difficulties, and gift-giving to their children on International Children's Day and during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Social activities have been intensified, with noteworthy examples such as coordinating visits and providing gifts to families of policy beneficiaries, individuals with outstanding contribution, and those living in remote or disadvantaged areas. Additionally, the trade union has supported and donated computers to students in need, with a budget of nearly VND 1.15 billion. They have also allocated a budget of nearly VND 1.46 billion to donate facilities to five schools in Sang Ma Sao commune (Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province). Furthermore, the construction and handover of a "100-dong house" to an impoverished household in Dong Xuan commune (Quoc Oai district, Hanoi) has been completed with a budget exceeding VND 100 million.

Translated by Trung Thanh