This is Mocha’s fastest growth rate since its debut in 2015.

According to Vo Thanh Hai, Director of Viettel Media, Mocha’s outstanding growth resulted from remarkable changes of the application.

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‌Mocha was initially designed as a communication tool allowing users to make free calls or messages, making it competitive against other applications of the same kind.

However, at the end of 2018, Viettel upgraded Mocha and stared to develop it into a super application that works as a kind of social media for youths, providing diverse entertainment services for users.

Besides free calls and messages, Mocha also provides users with music, films, videos, news and games and connects with other Viettel’s apps., such as ViettelPay, MyViettel and MyGo.

Mocha’s data storage capacity reaches up to 10,000 hours of films from different countries, including the US, the Republic of Korea, China, Vietnam, among others, and more than 1 million songs, 2 million videos and 100 newspapers nationwide and more.

Notably, Viettel has launched a special promotion program giving away 5GB of data per month to all Mocha users, thereby attracting more Mocha users.

What is more, in Viettel’s strategy of creating a digital society, Mocha is oriented to become an important tool in distributing digital contents, one of Viettel’s four digital pillars: the digital contents, digital solution, digital commerce and digital finance.

Translated by Mai Huong