According to a representative of VinaPhone, following the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the network operator has sent messages to 100% of its subscribers nine times. To the subscribers in Vinh Phuc, VinaPhone sent messages four times from February 16 to 19. This activity continued to February 24 with a frequency of once a day.

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Besides sending warning messages, VinaPhone also provided free calls to the call center (19003228) and free data for its subscribers when accessing the website of the Ministry of Health.

Sharing the warning message program of COVID-19, Viettel Telecom also sent warning messages and instructions on prevention of the disease to 100% of its subscribers a total of five times. This is the largest text message program Viettel has ever implemented.

Meanwhile, during the period from February 4 to 19, MobiFone collaborated with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Telecommunications (Ministry of Information and Communications) to send text messages to over 30 million MobiFone subscribers nationwide five times. MobiFone also worked with the Department of Information and Communications of Vinh Phuc province twice to send messages to MobiFone subscribers in Binh Xuyen district and in Vinh Phuc province to raise their awareness of the COVID-19 prevention and control.

Sending text messages is considered one of the most direct, fast, and effective information channels for people. Therefore, major telecom operators were asked by the Ministry of Information and Communications to send warning messages on the developments of the disease and how to prevent COVID-19 to 100% of their subscribers while the Ministry of Health was requested to send messages about disease prevention.

At the same time, the operators also provide calling free of charge to the hotline phone numbers of the Ministry of Health 19003228 and 19009095 from February 1 to April 3.

Translated by Hoang Giang