Since its launch three years ago, the MyViettel application has reached more than 19 million installations and a rating of 4.5/5 stars in Vietnam. MyViettel version 4.0 has not only undergone a complete change in its interface but also has new breakthrough features in its content. With the goal of becoming a "super-app", MyViettel 4.0 has merged into Viettel Telecommunications Corporation’s huge service ecosystem, which integrates all services from self-service telecommunications to E-commerce and booking services.

MyViettel launches a new version with various services and products

The interface design of MyViettel version 4.0 is simple in layout and eye-catching in color. Furthermore, the modern and fast payment solutions of online payment gateways that are commonly used in e-commerce are also integrated into MyViettel version 4.0. This feature allows customers to open a ViettelPay account right on the MyViettel application to perform various online transactions such as: topping up prepaid phone credit, paying telecommunication services, electricity and water bills, as well as transferring money between bank accounts. As long as customers have a ViettelPay account or a MyViettel account, they can buy goods and services and conveniently make banking transactions online.

Particularly, MyViettel 4.0 has a chatbot that can immediately answer any questions from customers. MyViettel’s chatbot is designed to address issues in an optimal manner according to the already-classified groups of customers as well as to deal with customers’ complaints.

What makes MyViettel 4.0 superior to other applications of the same kind in Vietnam is that it offers its customers free access to its huge catalogs of music, movies, video clips and games. In other words, MyViettel customers can listen to music, watch movies, watch videos or play games with their internet-connected electronic devices.

Translated by Thu Nguyen