Many products made by the factory have been exported to different foreign markets, including the United States, Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia, among others.

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of its foundation day and its reception of the second-class Fatherland Protection Order, Party Secretary of Factory Z175 and President of Rubber One-member Limited Liability Company 75 Senior Colonel Pham Van Riep, granted an interview to the People’s Army Newspaper on the business’s achievements over the past time.   

Senior Colonel Pham Van Riep

According to Senior Colonel Pham Van Riep, Factory Z175 was established on April 26, 1968. Over the past more than five decades, the unit’s cadres, Party members, and workers have heightened their responsibility, “determined-to-fight, determined-to-win” spirit, indomitability, and creativeness to research, successfully develop, and manufacture almost all high-tech rubber products to serve the maintenance of weapons and equipment in the military.

Outstanding products of the factory include solid tires of different kinds; specialized tires; sprockets for tanks; soft fuel tanks; insulation pipes for air defense system; rubber parts for aircraft, missiles, submarines, surface ships, tanks; military equipment; ammunition containers. Such exported items as rubber conveyor belts of different kinds, rubber gasket fenders for ships and ports, oil fence booms, and insulation pipes, have been highly appreciated by both domestic and international clients.  

The factory’s products have met the demand of units and clients, replacing many imported parts. By reducing importation of foreign products, the factory has contributed to saving a lot of money.

For its achievements obtained over the past time, Factory Z175 was honored with two second-class Military Exploit Orders, one third-class Military Exploit Order, one first-class Feats-of-Arm Order, three second-class Feats-of-Arm Orders, six third-class Feats-of-Arm Orders, one first-class Labor Order, two second-class Labor Orders, three third-class Labor Orders, two flags from the Prime Minister, eight emulation flags from the Ministry of National Defense, and ten emulation flags from the General Department of Defense Industry.

2022 was considered a challenging year for businesses, including Factory Z175. However, the unit overcame all difficulties to prepare it for development in 2023 and the upcoming years. Thoroughly grasping the guideline of combining defense and economic development, since the beginning of the year, the factory has issued synchronous and effective guidelines and measures based on its reality; addressed rising issues; ensured adequate technological, technical, and financial supplies for production; maintained the production of traditional products and developed those with high economic values; sought partners and renewed business management work; and raised competitiveness. Together with above-mentioned measures, the unit has fostered the implementation of emulation movements, business culture building, and digital transformation. Thanks to that, Factory Z175 has ensured stable jobs, incomes, and bonuses for its employees. Its growth rate increases year-on-year, meeting production and trade targets and maintaining market stability in the face of volatilities and challenges of the economy.

According to Senior Colonel Pham Van Riep, despite difficulties confronting domestic and global economies, the factory has still received stable orders and firmly kept its market share, especially its traditional products of its strength, including conveyor belts, rubber pipes, and rubber spare parts for automobiles and motorcycles, among others. It ensures stable jobs and incomes for workers. The proportion of the factory's economic products accounts for 75% - 80% of the total revenue. The high-tech "Rubber 75" brand has been widely advertised on the mass media and well-known to customers.

Those achievements have come from the sound strategy determined by the factory’s leadership. Particularly, it focuses on producing high-tech rubber products to serve such key economic sectors as oil and gas, coal-mining, and cements.

Production at Factory Z175

Talking about the factory’s development strategy in the coming time, especially when defense industry is determined to be a key of the industry sector, the party secretary of Factory Z175 said that the unit always considers defense production a core political mission. It also pays attention to well completing economic production missions, striving to record a revenue of VND 550 billion by 2025 and become the country’s leading high-tech rubber production business. Together with increasing its turnover, the factory targets to raise its employees’ incomes from 4% to 6% a year at an average level of more than VND 14.5 million/person/month.

To achieve the target, Senior Colonel Pham Van Riep said that Factory Z175 will continue thoroughly grasp the Politburo’s Resolution 08-NQ/TW, Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, Resolution of the 11th  Military Party Congress, and the 10th Congress of the Party Organization of the General Department of Defense Industry. Together with ensuring the quality of traditional products, the business will focus on developing new ones with higher and long-term values, boosting exports, building it into a leading high-tech rubber production establishment of the country, applying technologies to production to reduce cost and enhancing the competitiveness of its products, and raising the business management capability.

It is determined to build a strong and exemplary factory in terms of politics, ideology, organizations, and ethics, contributing to realizing the target to become a large-scale high-tech rubber production establishment of the military and the nation.    

Translated by Tran Hoai