Officers, soldiers and defense workers of military businesses were asked to promote the implementation of emulation movement. (Photo for illustration)

In the letter, General Lich extended his best wishes and praised officers, soldiers and defense workers of military businesses for their achievements and contributions over the past time. He affirmed that over the past years, under the leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense, military businesses have effectively cooperated with local businesses. Generations of military personnel have promoted their activeness, creativity, and self-reliance to fulfill all production and trading missions, contributing to strengthening defense and security potentials for the national construction and defense cause.

The Defense Minister emphasized that, in the current revolutionary period, officers, soldiers and defense workers should promote virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and continue studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals, and lifestyle. They were also urged to foster the implementation of emulation movements, the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies on defense security consolidation in combination with economic development, and a project to raise the effective operation of military businesses.

In addition, military businesses should focus on building their Party organizations, contributing to the Party’s, people’s, and army’s efforts to successfully carry out the renovation process.

Translated by Tran Hoai