An overview of the signing ceremony

Colonel Mai Quoc Thuong, General Director of Ba Son Corporation, and Mr. David Vicente Aguilera Martin, Odisea Yachts’ CEO, and Mr. Adonis Sevilla, Technical Sales Manager of July LLV Vietnam, attended the event.

Under the signed agreement, Ba Son Corportion and July LLV Vietnam will cooperate to build two catamaran sailboats coded ODC48 and one catamaran sailboat coded ODC62, both designed by Odisea Yachts and ShipInvestigations Co. These are high-speed yachts with environmental friendliness.

Presenting congratulatory flowers at the ceremony

The ship-building will follow international maritime safety rules and regulations.

The building of the first of the three sailboats will be completed in mid-2024.

ODC48 has the overall length of 14.6m, beam overline of 7.6m, light displacement of nearly 8 tons, and maximum displacement of 13.5 tons. The overall length of ODC62 is 18.8m. Its sail area reaches 218 sq.m and its light displacement is 17.5 tons. In favorable weather conditions, a ODC62 could reach a speed of 14 nautical miles per hour. Attentively, it is able to operate and anchor in the shallowest waters.

The design of the ODC48

Addressing the signing ceremony, Colonel Mai Quoc Truong said that the ceremony was the first milestone in the two units’ long-term partnership.

The partnership between Ba Son Corporation and Odisea Yachts will bring about new development opportunities in building new export aluminum ships, thus helping the corporation gain strong foothold in the international arena, contributing to building and developing a modern, dual-use Vietnamese defense industry sector that meets the Fatherland and socio-economic development tasks and requirements.

Translated by Mai Huong