4.0 technologies of image processing and AI have been applied for the first time in Vietnam to support farmers in assessing levels of the growth of rice. Viettel's solutions can monitor rice cultivation on a large scale, creating grounds for high-productivity mass production of rice.

In the field of health, Viettel is about to complete the final-stage testing in the laboratory of technological solutions that help analyze and diagnose disorders and abnormalities via ultrasound imaging. Its diagnostic imaging-based application will be available to both patients and doctors round the clock.

Photo for illustration

This application is mainly used to diagnose abnormalities in the digestive system – one of the big medical issues in Vietnam without the aid of foreign techniques.

Besides agriculture and health, Viettel is now developing AI products in support of forestry and transport sectors. Its effort to develop AI solutions to address social issues and challenges is an important part of Viettel's strategy to create a digital society. According to the group’s leaders, Viettel's products and services aim at all kinds of clients, including individuals, businesses and State agencies.

Since the beginning of 2019, Viettel has continuously established member companies such as Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation, Viettel Cyber Security Company, and is expected to set up the Digital Corporation to bring digital products and services to life.

By now, Viettel has been the only group in Vietnam capable of deploying its telecommunications and ICT services and products to all localities in the country as it has the widest 4G infrastructure, the largest fiber optic infrastructure, its NB-IoT system listed among the top 50 network operators in the world, and its first e-sim issuance system in Vietnam.

Translated by Thu Nguyen