As a graduate with a degree in electronics and telecommunications, Hang started working for Viettel Network Technologies Center (VTTEK) under the Military Industry-Telecoms Group (Viettel) in 2008. At that time, she was the only woman studying new mobile network technologies.

To acquire more knowledge and apply what she had learnt into reality, Hang asked the center’s director if she could work in remote and mountainous areas for a long period of time.

Captain Le Thi Hang

In 2011 when the Viettel Research and Development Institute was founded, she was entrusted to study, develop, and manufacture military radars. 18 months later, her colleagues and her excellent products were reviewed and approved.

In 2016, while holding a key position in a center under the Viettel Research and Development Institute, Hang once again insisted on leaving the post to work as a normal engineer for a special project of the Viettel Aerospace Institute under the invitation of the project holder Nguyen Dinh Cong, the institute’s deputy head.

In this special project, Hang and her peers were assigned to study and master a core technology of a high-tech defense product. With high determination and all-out efforts, her group gained important progresse in the work.

Talking about Captain Hang, Cong evaluated that Hang is intelligent, strong, and wholly committed to her work. “It seems like nothing can stop her. She used to climb antenna masts, repair antennas, and go to forests and seas”, said Cong, adding that “Hang has proven that women are able to do what men do.”

Actually, Hang is professional at work, good at foreign language, and smart.

Cong recalled that Viettel Group gave a nod to the institute’s suggestion of assigning Hang to lead a delegation to a negotiation on high-technology in Turkey. Knowing that a member of the delegation was a woman, the Turkish partner asked the delegation to replace her with a male expert with the reason being that “it was convenient for room arrangement”. However, the institute stressed that Hang was a key member of the delegation that could not be replaced.

During the negotiation, Turkish partners were surprised at her talent and knowledge and they changed their minds. At the end of the negotiation, the Turkish side asked to work with her in the future.

Obviously, Hang conquered the hearts of the institute’s partners, even the hardest-to-please ones with her professional expertise, bravery, enthusiasm, and passion for the work. However, she is very modest about her success, saying that “if you do your utmost, success will smile at you.”

Translated by Mai Huong