Accordingly, “Bo gia,” a comedy produced by Tran Thanh Town, will hit the cinemas in Singapore and Malaysia starting April 22, with its screening timeline in Thailand under discussion.

A scene in the film "Thien than ho menh" (Photo: DPCC)

The film has made itself a domestic blockbuster with 5.3 million tickets sold for 400 billion VND (17.3 million USD).

Starring top actor Tran Thanh, the movie was developed from a web drama of the same name first broadcast on YouTube, which featured five episodes with an average number of viewers of about 28.4 million.

Meanwhile, “Thien than ho menh,” which will hit the big screen in Vietnam in late April, has already been planned to be screened globally, particularly in a number of top markets like the US, UK, France, Ireland and Malaysia.

The film, directed by Victor Vu, features superstitious practices about Thai life-sized baby dolls known as “luk thep,” which are believed to be possessed by spirits that bring good luck and prosperity; and harm the enemies of the owner.

“In modern society, when people face a hopeless situation, they often turn to spiritual solutions to solve their problems,” said Vu. “The film reflects the weak points in young people’s psychology.”

Vu, 44, is well-known for blockbusters like Scandal (2012), Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh (Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, 2015), Qua tim mau (Vengeful Heart, 2014), Nguoi bat tu (The Immortal, 2018) and Mat biec (Blue Eyes, 2019).

Source: VNA