At the record handing-over ceremony

This is the first time that a Vietnamese brand name has been awarded two WorldKings records. The first one is the comprehensive ultra-fine Cotto tile production line that uses dried grinding, plastic extrusion, and fast baking technology that exceeds maximum design capacity. The other is a Science and Technology Company with high quality and useful methods to produce clay bricks with tunnel kilns.

The records not only recognize and affirm the importance of the Vietnamese Ceramic Joint-stock Company to Vietnam’s tile and brick production, but also are a source of pride for the country’s building material production industry.

To achieve this honor, over the past time, the Vietnamese Ceramic Joint-stock Company has continuously innovated techniques to raise the productivity and quality of its products. The company also has a contingent of self-motivated, creative, and enthusiastic staff members who always desire to bring Vietnamese clay products to Vietnamese and international customers.

Products of the Vietnamese Ceramic Joint-stock Company are famous for their unique color and durability.

Translated by Tran Hoai