Accordingly, Vietnam has the largest number of “strand and broth” dishes and the most kinds of “mam” (fermented fish) and dishes made from “mam” with unique flavors in the world.

The country also boasts the largest collection of dishes made from flowers, the most kinds of special rolls and the most dishes made from rice flour.

Vietnam boasts the most kinds of special rolls. (Photo: VietKings)

These records were acknowledged by WorldKings in late 2020, making them the first Vietnamese records earning global status. They were again recognized by WRA last week.

Vietnamese dishes are widely regarded as not only nutrient-rich but also flavor-rich, that suit taste of people from different countries, said general director of VietKings Le Tran Truong An.

The WRA recognized those five Vietnamese culinary records in October this year.

VietKings and the Global Vietnamese Record Organization (VietWorld) are preparing nomination applications for the country to earn six other world culinary records – the country with the largest number of diverse and delicious street foods, the country with the biggest collection of souvenirs and gifts, the country with the most delicious home-cooked dishes, the country with the largest number of “xoi” (made from sticky rice) and “che” dishes (a Vietnamese dessert), the country with the most natural spices, and the largest producer and exporter of Robusta coffee with the most unique culture of coffee making and drinking in the world.

Source: VNA