The video features troops on patrols, military-civilian ties, and heartfelt images of troops and their relatives during see-off ceremonies.

Music composer Tran Hung

Music composer Tran Hung said that though he has not yet visited the sacred Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands, it has always existed in his mind and heart. He was lucky to have a classmate working in Truong Sa island district to help record images of Truong Sa troops and their activities. The MV was finally completed after nearly one year even though the song was composed last October. The song is sung by singer Tran Hong Nhung.

The MV highlights the seas and islands of Vietnam.

Regarding the song, musician Pham Ngoc Khoi, Deputy Head of the Vietnam Musicians’ Association shared that he likes the section in the song lyrics which emphasizes that Vietnamese people have dyed every inch of the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa Islands. This confirmation of Vietnam’s sovereignty over the two archipelagos urges Vietnamese generations of today and future to defend the sacred national seas and islands.

The MV provided by the composer

Meanwhile, musician Truong Ngoc Ninh, Chairman of the Hanoi Musicians’ Association spoke highly of the high quality and professional stage of the MV and the composer’s responsibility for the protection of national maritime sovereignty.

Translated by Mai Huong