Several artefacts from the Dong Son culture, which existed about 2,000 years ago, were handed over to Lao Cai Museum on November 20.

The antiques, including two bronze drums and a bronze pot, were unearthed by local residents during site clearance for the construction of the Lao Cai-Cam Duong new urban area.

The patterns of the drums are similar to those found on other Dong Son artefacts unearthed across the country, according to museum experts.

Some of the newly discovered objects are the first ever to be found in the northern region and their names and uses remain mysterious.

Lao Cai Museum is now preserving hundreds of artefacts, including 32 bronze drums (seven of which are undamaged). Others include bronze pots, jars and iron knives with bronze handles.

These antiques have been dated to around 2,500 years ago.

Source: VNA