He has travelled all over the country and recorded the beautiful scenery and unique traditional cultural features of ethnic minority groups. Through his lens, the national border appears beautiful, vivid, and emotional.

Spring in Moc Chau district, Son La province is so beautiful.

Colonel Viet, former Second-in-Command of Brigade 21 of the Vietnam Border Guard, has a special love for photography. When he was seven, he was presented a camera by his father. “I really liked it,p so I myself learned how to use it. After class, I walked around Hoan Kiem Lake asking street photographers how to take photos, how to read technical specifications on film rolls. It took me about one month to clearly understand the uses of each button on the camera, and to master techniques of adjusting speed, aperture, and exposure,” said Viet.

The beauty of spring in mountainous Ha Giang

Pursuing the themes of landscapes and daily life, in any his business trips, Col. Viet often spent time photographing beautiful natural scenery and unique cultures of local communities. He said that, “everywhere in our country is beautiful. I worked for the border guard force so on my trips, I often went to border villages where there are always interesting people, diverse, unique, and special stories and cultures, and especially the wild and majestic natural landscape.”

The traditional Tet atmosphere in a H’mong ethnic minority family in Son La province

For this officer, what impressed him the most was the Northwestern border area. “From the majestic rocky mountains to the terraced fields, the daily activities of highland people are very impressive, that always inspires me to capture those moments in my lens,” Viet stressed.

He many times took risks climbing to the top of mountains, crossing deep abysses and steep canyons to capture the beautiful moments of the nature. Sometimes he quietly and secretly recorded sudden moments.

Daily life of H’mong people in Ha Giang province

So far, Viet has had a quite big collection of photos of the scenery and cultures in the Northern mountainous region to introduce to friends and the public. Through his lens, Ha Giang border is majestic with rocky mountains, hundred-years-old terraced fields, and crimson peach blossoms next to stone fences and on mountain slopes. The beauty of Moc Chau (Son La) comes from white plum blossoms and green buds while the beauty of Cao Bang border is sourced from the green of trees, grass, flowers, and the winding Quay Son River.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Mai Huong