PANO - Moc Chau district of the Northern province of Son La is famous for the breath-taking plateau terrain, mild climate, and charming natural scenery.

Making full use of its strengths, the locality has held the Vietnam Trail Marathon to further attract tourists and athletes. This year, the Vietnam Trail Marathon 2024 taking place in the time when white plum blossoms were in full bloom bringing memorable experiences to both domestic and foreign athletes. 

More than 4,000 athletes, including record holders and medalists of famous tournaments, from more than 40 countries and territories joined different events of the tournament. The images of athletes running on beautiful trails have contributed to popularizing the image of a majestic, friendly, hospitable, and attractive Moc Chau, which was honored with the title of “The World's Leading Regional Nature Destination” at the World Travel Awards 2022, to international friends.

Below are photos of the Vietnam Trail Marathon 2024:

Translated by Tran Hoai