The festival saw the participation of over 100 artisans from the 8 communes of Ta Mung, Pha Mu, Ta Hua, Muong Than, Phuc Than and Muong Cang home to the H’Mong ethnic people.

A performance at the event

The participants performed various music and artistic genres such as singing, dancing, leave pan-pipe, lip pan-pipe, and flute.

In addition, the organizing panel also reviewed the performance of a committee for a new cultural lifestyle.

After one year, the movement of “All people unite in building a new countryside model, a civilized town” in Ta Mung commune saw positive achievements. Local people stepped up production of agriculture and forestry as well as focused on the application of science and technology to animal breeding and farming. Therefore, their living standards have significantly improved. 

Speaking at the event, Lieutenant Colonel Lau A Tinh, Commissar of the Military Command of Than Uyen district and Head of the Board of Judges, said that the quality of music and art performances in this year’s festival was higher than last year. The performances deeply featured the spiritual life of the local people in various aspects of life.

The festival provided a good chance for the H’Mong ethnic people to exchange their typical cultural and artistic features, contributing to improve their spiritual life, strengthen the national unity bloc, and preserve and promote the H’Mong ethnic traditional culture values, to name but a few.

Concluding the festival, the organizing panel presented eight prizes A, eight prizes B, and nine prizes C.

Translated by Quynh Oanh