Located some 50km to the South of the old capital city of Hue, Bach Ma prides itself on offering bold expeditions into the forest.

Visitors in Bach Ma (White Horse) National Park

The park is known for its bio-diversity, with more than 1,400 species of fauna and flora spread out across 37,000 hectares and guarded by a mountain peak standing 1,430 meters above sea level.

The beauty of lakes and waterfalls along the trail, which attracts avid trekkers, has helped attracted travellers from far and wide to the park.

The adventure starts gently at a two-storeyed roundhouse known as Vong Hai Dai, which acts as a viewing point and rest-stop.

The trail then winds past five pristine lakes and waterfalls.

Three kilometers down, travelers reach the starting point to the first lake. The 7km trek involves a steep descent down concrete steps and uneven rocks, with trees surrounding the narrow paths to shield the trekkers from the harsh central sun.

At the third and largest lake, they can take a break for lunch and a swim.

Source: VNA