The course, jointly organized by the French Embassy in Vietnam and the International Center for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) under the French Ministry of National Education, drew the participation of more than 100 teachers and experts engaged in teaching and popularizing French language.

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The trainees are from 12 countries, namely Vietnam, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.

During the week-long event, professors and leading experts from the CIEP, French and Canadian universities, French cultural agencies and publishers will give lectures to help the trainees improve their expertise and skills to make the teaching of French language in the Asia-Pacific region better.

Such a course, hosted by Vietnam for the first time, is a prestigious international training program, organized yearly by the CIEP. Each year, ten similar courses take place across France and in other countries.

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Translated by Mai Huong