The workshops will demonstrate how teachers can use simple, every-day materials to teach a range of scientific themes, including the principles of light, shadow, colour and water, as well as their applications in daily life. The participants will also be engaged in activities that support critical thinking, innovation and problem solving as well as design thinking and creativity.

A practical lesson on the principle of light 

“The use of simple materials combined with open ended exploration designed to engage but also challenge young minds is the essence of this program.  It fosters a resilient problem solving mindset in students. It works and extends the academically gifted as much as it does those with different learning styles and dispositions. I am very excited to share this work with Vietnamese colleagues, and finds ways to collaborate and adapt these approaches in the various communities,” said Dr Stuart Kohlhagen.

“Australia is a world leader in STEM education. We hope that Vietnamese educators and pre-service teachers will be able to draw on their experience at Dr Kohlhagen’s workshops to inspire enthusiasm in their students for science and maths,” said Australian Ambassador HE Mr Craig Chittick.

“Vietnam is implementing a pilot program on teaching maths and sciences in English in a bid to strengthen reasoning and integration abilities of Vietnamese students, so Dr Kohlhagen’s sharing of his expertise is very valuable for our lecturers and students,” said Prof. Dr Nguyen Quy Thanh, Rector of the University of Education under the Vietnam National University.

During his visit, Dr Kohlhagen will also meet with representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

Repoted by Chung Anh