The event was in celebration of the 115th birth anniversary (September 6, 1902) and 75th anniversary of the death (September 6, 1942) of the late Party General Secretary Le Hong Phong.

At the seminar. (Photo: VNA)

Le Hong Phong, whose real name was Le Huy Doan, was born in 1902 into a poor family in Thong Lang (Hung Thong at present) commune, Hung Nguyen district, Nghe An.

As he grew up in the land of rich revolutionary tradition and patriotism, and saw the nation driven into misery and the people exploited relentlessly, he became conscious of the revolution at very young age. He then met Leader Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh) and joined the Vietnam Association of Revolutionary Youth League founded by Leader Nguyen Ai Quoc.

He was killed when he was only 40 years old. Over 20 years working as a great revolutionary warrior and being self-sacrificing for the sake of the Party and nation, Party General Secretary Le Hong Phong made considerable contributions to the Vietnamese revolution.

His life and career have become bright example in terms of morals, revolutionary virtues and dedication to the people for all revolutionaries to follow.

Some 20 reports released at the seminar confirmed that Party General Secretary Le Hong Phong is a well-trained cadre in both military and politics at that time, an undaunted fighter, and the great leader of the Vietnamese revolution and the world worker’s movement.

Some reports also discovered new details of the revolutionary leader’s life and career as well as emphasized his important role in restoring and developing Party organizations and revolutionary movements in the country in the early 1930s.

Delegates to the seminar also underscored that Le Hong Phong was an excellent student of Leader Ho Chi Minh and a genuine communist who devoted his whole life to the country, the Party and the people.

All delegates agreed that Le Hong Phong’s life and career should be further popularized among the people, particularly youths, and passed on to next generations.

Translated by Thu Nguyen