Over the past year, the entire Party, people and army have overcome numerous difficulties and hardships and obtained comprehensive great achievements and successes. Particularly, the economy exceeded the set plans; the national defense and security were consolidated and strengthened; the living standards of the people were improved; and the country’s position and status in the international arena was continuously raised, significantly contributing to maintaining a stable, peaceful environment for national development, firmly protecting national independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity. Troops in the whole army have made a large contribution to these general achievements.

2017 was the second year of the five-year term of the 12th National Party Congress. During the year, the Party has crafted sound directions, good policies and creative solutions and led the entire people and army to implement major missions efficiently and successfully, creating a momentum for the country’s fast and sustainable growth.

Vietnam's economy exceeded the set plans. (Photo for illustration. hanoimoi.com.vn)

Besides, the Party Central Committee issued a number of important resolutions, which  aim to reorganize the Party in an effort to build a clean Party strong in terms of politics, ideology, ethics and organization; to accelerate administrative reforms and streamline the political system for efficiency and effectiveness; to develop the socialist-oriented market economy, to raise the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy; and to focus on improving social security networks and human development.  

All these resolutions embrace fundamental and urgent contents, which have really reflected lives of the people and have, therefore, been advocated, followed and implemented by the whole Party, people and army. Under the resolutions, the Party has corrected the observance of the Party discipline; cleaned the Party and State apparatuses; prevented and rolled back corruption and negative phenomena; strictly punished Party organizations, Party members and officials for their wrongdoings, and directed the justice sector to try major corruption cases under the laws. These moves have demonstrated the Party’s resoluteness, the strictness and clearness of the laws against wrongdoings of any Party organizations or officials while denying any “restricted areas” in struggling against corruption and wrongdoings of Party organizations and individuals, meeting the people’s aspirations and strengthening the people’s trust in the Party.

2018 has been defined as the key year in the national 2016-20 socio-economic development plan. The facts of the renewal cause have required the country to accelerate innovations and reforms. As advantages and challenges are interwoven, all levels, branches and the whole political system have to take drastic measures, join efforts, take full advantage of opportunities, and create a firm foundation and a good momentum for bigger successes and faster growth in the following years.

The Party and State have frankly pointed out limitations and weaknesses as well as negative phenomena, corruption and ethical degradation in a number of officials and Party members, with the aim of resolutely overcoming them, promote the observance of laws and administrative regulations, heighten the sense of responsibility of each cadre, in accordance with the Government’s principle: “Disciplined, clean, active, innovative and effective.”

Although the country is still facing a large number of difficulties and challenges, the whole people and army continue to strongly believe in the Party, its leadership and successes in the renewal process, and the national construction and Fatherland protection cause.

The entire Party, people and army are celebrating the Lunar New Year Festival 2018 on the occasion of the 88th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam. This means that the Party is in harmony with the spring of the country and people.

This has made the Vietnamese people, a heroic nation with its four-thousand-year glorious history of national construction and defense, become more united under the leadership of the Party that has been restlessly striving for independence, freedom and development of the nation as well as prosperity and happiness of the people.

The whole Vietnamese people also believe that the Party, with its rich experience in both struggles against foreign invaders and national development, will continue leading the nation to further victories, to successfully build a strong Vietnam with its prosperous people, and a democratic, equal and civilized society as Uncle Ho ever desired.  

Translated by Thu Nguyen