Dear colleagues, friends, and readers,

2016 has been considered a busy but successful year of PANO. During the year, we, PANO’s staff, closely followed and faithfully reflected major developments of the domestic and international situation, and important events at home and overseas, on our online edition in English.

In the domestic sphere, PANO frequently covered every aspect of the domestic situation around the year, including issues related to the national security and defense, socio-economic development, culture and sports, life and work of the Army and people across the country. What is more, PANO gave readers exact and up-to-date information about national and military events, particularly the 12th National Party Congress, Election of deputies to the 14th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2016-2020 term, State-level ceremonies, national patriotic and emulation movements, and as well as events within the military.

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All the coverage has provided readers an overall picture of the country as well as the domestic situation, national defense and the situation of the Army.

Regarding foreign affairs, PANO reporters focused on the regional situation. As a result, PANO updated readers on information about latest happenings in the region on time and in an objective manner. As an edition of a major political newspaper in Vietnam – People’s Army Newspaper, PANO also provided readers with foreign activities of leaders of the Party, State, the National Assembly, Government and the Ministry of National Defense, including visits of Vietnamese leaders to other countries and leaders of other countries visiting Vietnam.

Last year, significant investment in PANO was made by the Ministry of National Defense and the People’s Army Newspaper, in an effort to modernize its technical infrastructure, make the interface friendlier to readers and improve the efficiency of its information.

During the last year, PANO has received big encouragement, support as well as constructive opinions and ideas from leaders of the Ministry of National Defense, colleagues from other newspapers, friends and readers at home and overseas. We, all staff of PANO, have been really grateful for your contributions.

In 2017, PANO will commit ourselves to diversifying information in terms of both forms and contents. PANO will regularly post video clips on defense and military affairs, national socio-economic development, political, military, economic, social, cultural and sporting events as well as foreign affairs. While PANO tries to cover all areas and sectors, it will focus on defense and military affairs, politics and foreign affairs. To meet this end, we hope to receive more support and constructive opinions and ideas from domestic and international readers.

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year – Year of the Rooster, we, all staff of PANO, would like to extend our Tet greetings and best wishes to all colleagues, friends and readers. Thank you very much for your interests in PANO over the year!

Best regards,

By PANO staff