Tran To Nga, a former reporter of the Giai Phong (Liberation) News Agency, was affected by Agent Orange (AO)/Dioxin during the Vietnam war. She took part in numerous charity events and was awarded the National Order of the Legion of Honor by the French government.

Author Tran To Nga (centre) speaking at the event. (Photo:

In May 2009, she appeared at the International Peoples’ Tribunal of Conscience to be a witness for the prosecution against 37 US chemical companies, which provided AO/Dioxin chemicals for the US military during the Vietnam war. She also sued them many times afterwards for poisoning her and millions of Vietnamese people with those toxic chemicals.

Nga’s 450-page autobiography is a full story of her own life. The proceeds from the sale of the autobiography will be used in the struggle for justice of the Vietnamese AO/Dioxin victims.

Translated by Trung Thanh