Domestic revenue, estimated at 368.1 trillion VND (16.14 billion USD), rose by 14.5 percent from the same period last year. The figure was equal to 33.3 percent of the estimate.

Meanwhile, revenue from crude oil surged 27 percent year on year to 19.1 trillion VND (837.5 million USD), accounting for 53.3 percent of the estimate.

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Import-export activities contributed 90 trillion VND (3.94 billion USD) to the State budget, equivalent to 31.8 percent of the estimate.

In the reviewed period, State budget spending stood at 410 trillion VND (17.97 billion USD), or 26.9 percent of the yearly estimate, up 4.6 percent annually.

Of the sum, development investment spending, debt payment and regular spending were 65 trillion VND (2.85 billion USD), 41.75 trillion VND (1.83 billion USD), and 301.5 trillion VND (1.83 billion USD), respectively.

Government bonds worth 46.46 trillion VND (around 2 billion USD) were issued in the reviewed period, equivalent to 16.84 percent of the yearly target.

Disbursement of official development assistance (ODA) capital in the first four months was estimated at 700 million USD, or 15.2 percent of the set plan.

Source: VNA