The event aimed to clarify the situation and growth targets and point out potentials and solutions to the rapid but sustainable economic development in the medium term.

At the conference 

Reports delivered at the conference pointed out that the Vietnam economy has been developing, but tends to slow down recently due to difficulties in international market and yet-to-be-resolved shortcoming and weaknesses of the country.

Therefore, relevant organs should pay attention to lifting these barriers, make clear the responsibilities of responsible agencies, solve bad debts and flexibly manage fiscal and monetary policies, and more. In addition, they need to seek best ways to negotiate for the early participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership as well as the implementation of other free trade agreements.

To reach these targets, participants at the conference held that the Government should realize its commitment to becoming a constructive government which works for the interests of enterprises and for the prosperity of the society in the time to come.

Furthermore, they should actively recognize and resolutely address these drawbacks to ensure a fair business environment. Especially, the Government should stay consistent with its policy of sustainable development and refrain from intervening in the operation of the economy.

Many participants required that State organs should promote their sense of responsibility to create all favorable conditions for the growth of the economy.

Translated by Minh Anh