Journalist Le Quoc Trung (C), former General Director of the Vietnam News Agency, donating press-related objects to the Vietnam Press Museum 

The campaign aims to encourage members of local journalists’ associations, press agencies, journalists, collectors and press-lovers nationwide to contribute kept documents and objects or information related to them to the museum.

Addressing the ceremony, Ho Quang Loi, VJA’s Permanent Deputy President, thanked groups and individuals for their donation of objects and documents that involve press activities and hold historical meanings and educational features to younger generations. Their good deeds would help the museum recapture the glorious history of the national press sector.

VJA has so far collected nearly 14,000 objects via the campaigns launched in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, the Central region (including the Central Highlands).

The project of building the Vietnam Press Museum was ratified by the Prime Minister in 2014.

Translated by Mai Huong