An art performance at the opening ceremony  
Activities in celebration of the ethnic culture day are participated by a good number of athletes, artisans, and compatriots from various ethnic groups. All the activities and participants will jointly create a multicolor and vibrant shared space of Vietnam’s 54-ethnic-group community at the “Common House” in the Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Vinaculto).

At the opening ceremony, an art program was staged, vividly reliving the life of the ethnic groups of Vietnam during their work and struggle for national construction and defense. The folk melodies introduced special cultural features of different ethnic groups in the ethnic community of Vietnam.

On this occasion, a number of cultural events are held at the Vinaculto, such as an exhibition titled “Bamboo in the traditional musical life of Vietnam,” introduction of handicraft products, traditional wrestling performance, reappearance of traditional rituals of minority ethnic groups, etc.

The activities at the Vinaculto will last until April 23.

Translated by Huu Duong